Dramatic Daughter much

Hi hi~

So this story happened during Ramadhan and it suddenly popped into my mind (I died from embarrassment).

My dad was sick. Like really sick. At first we thought that he was just down with a flu but it gets worse by the day so kita naikkan sikit penyakit; Dengue.

He hates doctors. My dad I mean. It’s not that he hates them in general; he just doesn’t like seeing one. My mom and I kept on insisting that we should go to the doctor but my dad kept on making excuses. It was very frustrating, you know. We were scared it was dengue. He even fast I tell you!

After a few days of suffering, he finally asked to go to a doctor. That was after he became freaking dehydrated (wrinkles all over his body) and lose lots of weight.

When he went to the clinic, the doctor was shocked and he ordered my dad to go to the hospital ASAP. So I prepared his things and all; they went to the hospital (my mom and dad). I wasn’t able to go since my grandpa was in Malaysia and my siblings have exams. Gotta prepare sahur and all.

This and that, two days later my mom went home and I was supposed to took care of my dad at the hospital. I went there with a family’s friend; Tante Nita.

We arrived, chit chat chit chat and it was time to go home. My dad forced me to go back but I insisted to stay. I mean my dad is known for his menacing looks but he was there laying on the bed, helpless (not to mention very clingy to my mom. Like hello, I took care of myself when I was in the hosp. before. Man; so childish when they’re sick).

Okay the drama starts here…

I cried. Well sob actually but I kinda burst. I was a bit stressed out back then. I just came back from Indonesia and I have to take care of everyone at home, more importantly I was on my period xD

In the middle of my sudden outburst; when Tante Nita was calming me down, my contact lens fell off. Like literally fell off and was stuck at my shawl.

I was like

Wuaaaa!! Tapi kan bapak kasi- Wait contact lens ku jatuh, aku pakai jap.

(wearing my lens and bla bla bla)



Wuaaaaa!!! Kalau bapak sendirian gimana? Wuaaaaa TT^TT

Basically, in the middle of crying, my lens fell off so I put them back on and start crying again. Everyone said nothing back then but when they remembered it, they’ll laugh like there’s no tomorrow.

Ouch -_-“

Like hey! I gotta set my priorities straight! I forgot to bring my glasses and my lenses are the only thing I have. I’ll go blind without them! I know it’s unhygienic and all but it was an emergency. Trust me, I take a good care of my contact lenses.

Alhamdulillah my dad is healthy now (minus the fact that he needs to take the insulin medicine thingy for the rest of his life) and that incident became a bitter sweet memory. Also if my dad went to the doctor earlier and get a shot, we wouldn’t know that he have diabetes. He could just suddenly die due to high sugar level. So, it’s all thanks to Allah swt. that my dad is still alive and breathing today.

Gotta appreciate your life guys. Be grateful to Allah swt. always.


P.S. I went home in the end xD


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