I just finished watching Naruto Shippuden episode 473, where Team 7 works together to defeat Kaguya.

I cried. Like pillow-is-wet kind of cry. You may think that I’m exaggerating but there’s a reason why.

I first watched Naruto when I was 7/8 and that is when I first met my friends who are still my friends now.

Tik tok tik tok a decade has past.

Naruto has ended (he becomes hokage. Everyone got married, got children, all grown up) and now we are not together anymore; my friends and I. It’s weird you know, not being able to see someone you see everyday everyday anymore. We can still meet each other yes, but that too is hard.

Truthfully, I don’t miss school. At all.

Though I miss hearing them screaming, playing, joking around.

I don’t miss waking up early in the morning or sleeping late but I do miss the moment where those gloomy mornings become bright by seeing them. Not being able to sleep well but feeling energized seeing your friends’ behavior.

I’ve tried not to get too attached to them since I know nothing is forever but it was hard. We grew up together, play together, get punished together, heck even going through puberty together (remember those ugly days guys. We are not cute potatoes, you gotta admit. We were freaking ugly. At least some of us were).


Since the first time I saw them; they’ve now grown into fine young men and women.

Dah boleh jadi mak and ayah orang dah πŸ˜€

I’ve realized that my friends meant a lot to me after I started watching Naruto again when I was in form 4.

Who says that Anime teaches you nothing?

I do know that I won’t be here if it weren’t for them. I’m a foreigner but they still treat me with respect and never once they used my citizenship against me. I’ve got a few Indonesian friends and they aren’t as lucky as I was.

I have great friends, great school and great teachers. They backed me up if something happens. They tried to put me in any activities existed even though they know I am not allowed to enter (since I’m a foreigner).

They fought through hardships with me, for me.


Trust me, I wouldn’t be standing there, on the stage getting a huge reward if it weren’t for all of them.

That’s that. Another thing that I realize after watching Naruto is we are soon going to be the old generation.

We used to be children, new generation. Now, our era is almost over; we’re going to have children of our own soon.

We will not be following examples anymore but we have to give them out. To the new generation.

I know that people may think I’m stupidly dramatic for thinking about such things when I was only 16. But hey, it is true.

We are not getting any younger.

We’ll become the old generation once we have children of our own. Even if we don’t have one of our own, we will still be one when we start working.

We have to get our certificate then work. When we work, we are the one building the world. We may have to start from the bottom but everyone successful is not spoon fed.

We have to give great examples to them (new gen).

Gotta show them that mistakes are good but make sure it’s not often.

Gotta show them that life can be cruel but when you have the right people with you; it’s bearable.

Gotta make them feel save, protected, loved.

Our predecessors have not done a really good job and we should all learn from it. Though we are still called the new gen; we need to start changing to be a better person now!

There will always be flaws as we are not God but at least let’s make this world a better place for our future children and grandchildren (or we can just leave that to our children :P).

Our era is near (its ending and beginning). We are the successor to the world we are living in now. It (the world) may not be that great but I guess our predecessors think it is good enough already -_-“

That is one hell of a rambling thanks to Naruto sappy episode xD





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