Old&New Friends Combined

Hi hi~~~

I’ve been wanting to write about this since a few weeks ago but just remembered it yesterday.


Because I accidentally met these two creatures and went all sappy…

So typical of Allya -_-“

We looked so mischievous somehow xD

When I was in Indonesia, my primary school friend, Haziq, decided to make a whatsapp group consisting of those who used to be in the Mars class. I was added late because I just got a phone (yup, I’m not phoneless anymore).

After I entered the group, I was being an annoying prick by asking who is who. I was so giddy; being able to connect with old friends and all.

Realizing there are still some friends who used to be in the Mars class and they have not been added yet; I hunt them down like a serial killer.

I found a few friends and after we added some new members, the group was noisy (only for one night tho).

This and that, here’s some screenshots of our conversations.


Okay… Kantoi I saved your names weirdly guys.

Sorry (not :p).

So my darling ketua kelas went mad as usual. He keeps on removing and adding everyone back. I was laughing so hard from the beginning of the chat until the end. Everyone was being funny. Some of them never meet each other but they can joke around together.

Like Fahmi and Ranen for example. They joked around like crazy jokers xD

Though I was holding back my tears a few times as it made me a sappy mess.

Imagine, your friends talking with each other even though they’ve never meet. I know everyone in this group and I have met everyone. So when my friends who I know have never met my other friends joked and talked with each other, it kinda warms my heart.

I know I sounded stupidly sappy here but I just wanna let it all out.

I’m happy that everyone can be together and I hope that we’ll not be awkward when we meet face-to-face -_-“

Uhuuuuuu I miss my friends TT^TT



P.S. If your name is Aishah binti Ramli do give me a call. We can’t find you, gurl.


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