In Love With Who?; A Ruqyah Story

I wrote this when I was in Indonesia so yeah…

Just to inform you, everything that I write in this post is real. Like it really happened; last night to be exact. I can’t tell the world about who the person is, due to privacy reasons. Tho some of my friends knew who it was.

First, what is Ruqyah?

Ruqyah consists of words said or written in the form of dud or Dhikr for the purpose of protection or cure against black magic, creature from another world and so on. Ruqyah can be done to oneself alone or we can ask someone to do it for us. The people who were asked to do this are usually ustaz or ustazah (Islam scholars).

It is necessary for us Muslims to do this Ruqyah thingy. Not on a daily basis but maybe just frequently. This is because we don’t know about whats ‘residing’ inside our body.


I got these information after I interviewed her and I though that it will be a great idea to tell the world since it can be helpful.

It was 9pm (Indonesia time) so it should be around 10pm in Malaysia. I was reading this story from Wattpad and suddenly I got a Line message from Person A saying that Person B was possessed. The husband of Person B ran out of the house and went to where Person B was a.k.a. their neighbor’s house.

So what really happen there? Was she really possessed? Was it really bad that they have to call her husband? Well, here how it goes…….

Person B went to her neighbor’s house because an ustaz came over to do the Ruqyah. The ustaz was supposed to do the Ruqyah on the neighbor but somehow the ‘creatures’ inside the neighbor’s house went in and out of Person B’s body.

But unfortunately, one stayed.

Person B was suddenly fluent in Mandarin (the ‘creature’ is Chinese), she suddenly became strong, she tried to rip the Quran and so on. The ustaz then asked the neighbor to call the husband.

When her husband arrived, another ‘creature’ entered Person B’s body. This time though, it was a Chinese woman. It flirted with Person B’s husband which will look hilarious if Person B was not possessed.

After the Chinese woman went out of Person B’s body, the Chinese guy was still there.

The ustaz asked; why was he so stubborn?

Why can’t he just leave Person B’s body?

Person B is quite a religious person so how come the ‘creature’ can stand living inside her body?

The answer shock the heck out of me and probably everyone as well. The ‘creature’ was in love with Person B.

Yes everybody, in LOVE.

So he has been stuck with her for quite some time now and has fallen in love with her. It fell in love with the kind and caring Person B. That is why it never make an appearance until the incident where Person B’s daughter went ‘crazy’ thus it kinda went mad as well.

Usually Person B is saint but when her daughter went ‘crazy’, she went mad as well thanks to the ‘creature’ inside of her. Imagine fighting fire with fire.

Unfortunately the ‘creature’ went out and had never come back, alhamdulillah.

I know that it may sound like a fiction horror story or something but it is real. It happened! It may not happened in front of me but all of my interviewees said the same thing.

Again, what this incident has taught me is that we should Ruqyah our self not on a daily basis but frequently. Don’t think that since you prayed a lot and read the Quran a lot; you got no ‘creature’ inside your body. Person B was religious and look what happened to her.

For the closure, below are the characteristic of people who have ‘creatures’ inside their body.

I just copied and paste it from this website.

  1. *Feeling a heaviness on the shoulders and/ or head or head ache when standing up for salah.

  2. *Feeling a movement (actual movement or like a pulse) or a pain (can be moving pain) or burning (part of the body becoming hot) or pins and needles, numbness, shaking, fear, anxiety when listening to the Quran with ear phones with a loud volume.
  3. *Dislike of reading or listening to Quran, urge to turn it off, or agitated and irritated or angry (opposite of tranquility)
  4. *Anxiety or fear of going to the masjid or feeling uncomfortable in the masjid or getting head aches or during islamic lectures etc.
  5. Dislike of azan.
  6. Insomnia (either can’t sleep to very late and just before fajr feeling very tired, or broken sleep)
  7. *Nightmares– Some jinns are black dogs, snakes and lions, rats, carnivorous animals and give birth to the same type of jinns. Others are flying jinns so you see men flying in the dream, others are earth bound ones but are very ugly so they chase you. Some take pleasure by causing a person to have a wet dream. These nightmares will be quite frequent ie. Always seeing one self being chased by a black dog, or a lion, snake or a ugly man. Seeing a lion caged up. Seeing a tall bold headed man. Seeing snakes around you or trying enter the house etc. Every case is different.
  8. AnxietyFear of sleeping and fear of dying for no reason. Sometimes at night other times at maghrib time
  9. *Urges or thoughts to jump off bridge or commit suicide or go to the park at maghrib time or at night alone!
  10. *Hearing voices in the head, sometimes a clear distinct voice.
  11. Preferring to keep one self away from family and like to be alone.
  12. Prefer not to have showers or keep one self clean.
  13. Uncontrollable or irrational anger.
  14. *Obscene thoughts during salah– pornographic or even kufr things like throwing the Quran.
  15. Urge to push people or babies down the stairs.

Those with the * are the ones that you have to be careful of.

Here are also a few signs if a ‘creature’ is in love with you ❀

  1. You always get a wet dream. Like literally every single day (or every other day). It feels real, like you become tired when you wake up.

  2. You feel like there is someone laying next to you when you are about to sleep (you’re actually alone).
  3. You feel like someone is standing next to your bed.
  4. You don’t want to get married.
  5. You are not attracted to the opposite sex (mind you LGBT).
  6. If you are married, you don’t feel comfortable while doing the deed with your partner.
  7. Again if you are married, you don’t feel like doing the deed but do it anyway because you have to. Basically doing the deed unwillingly.
  8. After doing the deed with you husband/wife you will feel sad, your chest tightened and you feel disgusted.
  9. It is hard for you to conceive a child even though you’re fertile.
  10. Dreamed you are being proposed and is forced to get married to a group of people.
  11. You like to touch yourself a.k.a. masturbate. Like you can’t control it.

    I hope that it can help.



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