Hi hi~

So, I’ve went there twice and was satisfied by it though there are some cons.

I accidentally stumbled across them when I got their brochure which was placed on my car’s front mirror(?). I was excited I tell you, excited!!!

I hurriedly Line my cousin and Kak Chika. Of course, they were ecstatic! Ame (my cousin) even went to Malaysia for it (not really :p).


This cafe is located at Bazaar@8 in Presint 8, Putrajaya. It’s across the only Shell gas station in Putrajaya and is next to the Seri Wawasan Bridge.

The shop is facing the houses not the main road.

It’s on the 2nd floor and this is what you’ll see when you’re going up the stairs.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

You have to open your shoes before entering the shop and if possible, do not wear socks unless you want them to smell like cat pee.

The posters in front of the main door.


Below is the seating positions. Sitting on the floor is the best since it’s cold and comfy (fluffy rugs ♥∪♥).


Jajans and cheap drinks.

Below is the menu but this is the old version. When I went there the second time I forgot to take its picture. It didn’t change much. They just added a few new foods.


Some of the wall arts inside and outside the cafe. Perfect for taking pictures  ❤


So unlike cat cafes in Japan or Korea; the cats are kept inside a room. They are not allowed inside the eating area thus you can only play inside that room.


There’s around 7 cats but 2 cats are being kept inside a cage since they’re freaking active.


When I went there for the first time, we can see these 2 hidden cats but later we aren’t allowed to enter that personnel-only room.



For the foods, they’re bearable. The chicken popcorn and mushroom soup was delicious. The Samyang kills but I don’t recommend the burger and fries.

They’re not grilled burger but steamed burger. Got no cheese. Only the liquid cheese thingy.

For the fries, they’re full of oils. I can’t stand oils so yeah…

It’s a self-service cafe thus you have to order and take the food yourself.

Ah the reason why they’re called boutique is because they sell some clothes and stuffs. I didn’t took pics of the products but I do have this picture below xD

Their always-sold-out product. Hand socks xD

 I am very satisfied with the services. They waitresses are kind and the food arrived fast.

  • Cheap foods
  • Got adorable cats
  • Cold

Basically this cafe is a go-to-hang-out place.

Though I don’t recommend this to those who have cats allergies and can’t stand the smell of oil. Since the kitchen is in the same place as the eating area, the smell of oil is quite overwhelming.

This cafe have a huge con for a hang out place, though.


Other than that it’s all good. Do come~




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