Hi hi~

I’m probably the only person in the world who wrote a post about their header (maybe).

So, what does it mean? My header I mean.


First, I use panda because it’s my spirit animal (not). Truth to be told I don’t remember why I like panda nor when I start to like them. Somehow I’m just attached to them, I guess.

As you can see the panda have an overly curled eyelashes just like me. I’m known for my overly curled eyelashes (of course, they’re not naturally curled TT^TT).

Why am I known for that? Because I curled my eyelashes to school everyday. Yup, I wore make up to school everybody! I’ll explain the details in my post ‘How to Wear Make Up to School 101’ (a nonexistent post, yet…).

What’s with the heart on its left ear? It’s just a decoration xD

I’m pretty sure that all of you can see that the panda is hiding behind a FENCE.

Actually, in the earlier sketches, the panda was supposed to be hiding behind a wall with its hand sticking out like its peeping but it’s too hard to draw so that’s the final product. Teheee~~~

Why is it hiding behind a fence?

I’m not proud of it but I’m a busybody and I’m good at it. By busybody, I mean like stalker level punya busybody. Somehow, I’m very good at memorizing unimportant things.

For example, if you told me when you stole your mother’s money; I can tell you the exact day even after a decade. Unfortunately, my memory always choose to have a break during exams -_-“.

That is one of the reason why I wanted to be a journalist (tho my parents kinda opposed to it. More on that later on).

As for the question that everyone have been asking me; including my families.

Why is the name of my blog ‘mocha2house’?

Well, it was originally supposed to be mochamochahouse but then I found it a bit too long thus I shortened it into mocha2house. In the end, people call it mocha two house not mocha mocha house -_-‘.

Mocha is one of my many nicknames. I mean, I can’t use Ayam Makan Roti, can’t I?

So why is it a house?

It means a place for memories. My old blog is filled with my school memories a.k.a. my friends. That’s why its other name is The Story of Us.

Now, my blog is going to be filled with my Uni life and so on.

Still memories; thus I still use the ‘house’ in mocha2house.

So that is all about my header xD



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