Bogor’s ChinaTown

 Ok this is way overdue but oh well…

A few days (or weeks) before I went back to Malaysia, I went to Bogor’s Chinatown (idk its real name, I kept on calling it Chinatown) with my grandma, uncle and cousin.

That place is crowded. Definitely not a place for you to learn how to drive (D-2 and my instructor thinks that it’s a good idea for me to drive there. I aged 10 years!). People, cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles all in one tiny little space (the Chinatown is near Kebun Raya Bogor and Pasar Bogor; you can imagine the crowd -_-“).

So, on the way there, there are a few mascots that walked around. Some are cute but some are downright creepy.

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What are you? Pooh, Mickey and Ipin?

When I arrived, it was noon and my stomach was rumbling. I have no choice but to find something to eat (this is a total excuse; I will find food first no matter what). There is this restaurant that my mom loves. She has been eating there ever since she moved from Malang to Bogor and dang! I understand why she loves it so much.

One of my fav food is fried rice. I literally eat fried rice wherever I go (be gone lactose intolerance) and of course I ordered a plate of fried rice. Man, it tastes so good! The price makes the taste even better! A huge portion of fried rice and a few shrimps for only Rp 20k (>$3); heck where can you find such a delicious-but-cheap fried rice? Do tell me if you know one 😉

Don’t wanna talk (or write) too long, here are some photos~

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The resto

(Below are Es Campur, Ayam Goreng, Nasi Goreng, Es Teh Manis. My fav foods! <3)


Stalls(?) around Chinatown


They sell antique cameras, fireworks, fruits, fritters, remotes, knives, fishes and a lot more ‘useful’ things.

After fueling up the fuels, I went to Pasar Bogor to buy some souvenirs aka wooden bracelets. I’ve been looking for the bracelet all over the place and my aunt told me that they sell it there.

I went there and became overly excited. They have lots of junk foods sold in bulks, accessories sold in bulks (I swear my country love to sell things in a bulk), adorable looking sewing stuff shop, oh and not to mention a lot of ‘dead’ animal bodies all over the place. *note the sarcasm*


As Allya is a jerk, she became moody after getting what she wants. While waiting for her grandma to stop shopping (for dead animals), she dragged her uncle and cousin outside to snapped some pictures; of her of course~

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Kebun Raya~~~
A panda between 2 lions
The big red gate

Well, I guess that is all about this place~ And they sell this delicious green tea (which I forgot to buy in bulks TT^TT) that they say it is good for your body. I maintained my weight thanks to this tea. Hmmm, if I didn’t drink it, I’ll probably be 80 kg or something xD

P.S. The Chinatown’s name is Suryakencana.



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