A Day at PD Hasan; Fabric Shopping

Somehow all the pictures in this post kinda vanished so yeah… It’s a very boring post.

A few days ago, I went to PD Hasan with my grandma.

What in the world is PD Hasan?

Well, PD Hasan is a place where you can buy fabrics at a very cheap price. Like freaking cheap man! I spent all of my monthly allowance there and is now left with just a few bucks TT^TT

That’s that. Before going to PD Hasan, my grandma and I went to this ATM to redraw some money because my grandma knew that this adorable granddaughter of hers shops like a mad man.

After that we went to Baby House; a place where they sell affordable cute baby products

Then we went to PD Hasan~

We went there by taking that thing called Angkot which is one of my fav public transportation here in Indonesia. While everyone dah bosan riding that thing, I am still jakun. I feel giddy every time I ride it xD

During our ride there, this one pengamen (or illegal street musicians) naik. As usual, I ignore them (cruel, I know) but when he started singing BAM! He sounded like Al Ghazali, no! Even better than him! I didn’t know what song it was but I’m pretty sure that it was Al’s song as I’ve heard it somewhere before.

I’ve always had my iPad in my hand during each Angkot ride but that day, I was too lazy to hold it and I can’t believe I lost such a great opportunity to record such a great singing! For the first time ever, I paid a pengamen xD

PD Hasan is inside this village and we have to walk a bit to reach it. When we arrived at the ‘gate’, there were lots of foods!

That thing was RP5k je and it was freaking delicious!!! The weather was hot and it was just perfect!

Those are the fabrics. I was roaming around like a crazy person looking at those fabrics. They’re cheap like cheap CHEAP!!! But after 30 min of running and touching and feeling those things, I was beat -_-“

Waiting for my grandma was tiring. She’s 60ish but she sure can shop! I bought this adorable Batik-ish fabric since I was planning on making some clothes for my friends (until this moment, I still laze around~) and I also bought some fabrics for my teachers; as souvenirs and thank you gift πŸ˜‰

Lepas shopping duduk sini, minum air kelapa~

Next, we went to this Gado-gado place near the PD Hasan.

The orange juice was amaaaaaaziiiing!!!!!! After drinking some coconuts, drinking it was pure heaven ❀

Practically this trip was about me eating foods around xD Oh and yeah, buying some kain xD

When I went home, I slept awaaaaaay!!!

I just spent RP20k for the foods but as for the other expenses. Tehehehe~~~ Only God knows~



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