Naruto is what?!

Okay, for your information, I’m an avid otaku. People tend to disbelieve that since my daily nature shows other wise. What is that suppose to mean -_-

So, as you all know(let’s just say that we’re all Naruto fans), Naruto and Hinata (my main OTP <3) have 2 children together. A boy and a girl. Basically everyone from the old generation have children and these children are called the new generation.

This and that, years have passed since Boruto The Movie (Naruto world) and guess what, a new manga serialization about Boruto is out. Though it’s not written by Kishi; he is the main supervisor.

People were complaining about the new art style (especially Sasuke’s hair). Though personally, I don’t really mind it; It’s not as good as Kishi but hey, everyone’s hand is different.

Back to the topic. I first read about the spoilers in Tumblr. They said that Naruto and Hinata will die and bla bla bla. I don’t believe it as I haven’t see any of the manga spoiler.

I told my friend who is an avid fan about it a.k.a. Danial when suddenly a notification popped up and I accidentally clicked it.

Voila~ It was the newest Boruto manga (in Korean). I sent it to Danial and then read the manga myself.

My korean is not that good so I can only figure some words but I didn’t find anything that shows Naruto will die. Still, I’m in shock (obsessed fan remember). I can’t really remember what I told Danial (I’m too lazy to take my iPad; its upstairs) but I do remember complaining about it. It goes something like this:-

Peeeeeeeeeeeen!!!! (Pen=Danial) What the heck is this?! Like, Naruto can’t die! That’s just absurd!

He answered me back by saying that it was a good thing as it can increase the market sales. That evil creature! How could he?!

Like dia tak sedih ke? I’ve been watching Naruto since I was 7 but stopped thanks to the scene where Sasuke abandon Sakura. Years have past and in 2014, my cousin dear, Salma/ Ame forced me to watched it. I was reluctant at first but since I was suffering from chicken pox and dengue after that (I didn’t went to school for like a month); thus I was bored af so I decided to watched it. And heck my finals result were soooo bad that my Chemist teacher ignored me until like, 3-4 months later xD

Sadly, that result stays until my SPM xD


I strayed off too much. While everyone has been saying that Naruto is dead or will die (I’ve read the Eng ver.), I don’t think he will.

Remember the time when everyone was saying that Naruto will die in Boruto The Movie? Yeah, I think that it’ll be like that (I hope TT^TT) Maybe Naruto was sent of to some other dimension, again.

Just from the first page we can see that Boruto must have been freaking strong. Well, at least he looks strong. But how can he not? Just list the people who became his sensei.

Kawaki vs Boruto battle in Konoha

As for Boruto’s Byakugan, some said that Hinata probably die too while protecting Naruto and some even said that Himawari gave her eyes or something (this fandom love angst too much).

I think, I repeat, I THINK, my PERSONAL opinion on this is that maybe Hiashi died and gave his eyes to his grandson. MAYBE.

Or maybe Hanabi gave her eyes. Again, MAYBE. But I hope that Boruto got it from Toneri because he felt indebted to Boruto’s parents. I hope that this is a yes. Aamiin~

I’m depressed now. Like you can’t die Nardooooooo!!! Nor anyone else at that!!!!! This is why I wish that Naruto wouldn’t have a continuation. The old generations are getting old. Someone will probably die right TT^TT

I am too quite disappointed at the manga. Like, I don’t need a manga version of Boruto The Movie, y’know -_-

Oh well lah.

Though this is my fav part from the manga xD

Temari and Ino must have been one hell of a mom xD



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